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In Developing Countries Like Bangladesh, Planned Growth Of Construction Industry Such As Construction Of Buildings, Roads And Bridges, River Protection Works etc. Is A Prerequisite For Development. To Achieve This Goal, Ferdous Sharif Ovi & Saiful Islam Sadin Founded a Company Named Bigapple Builders in 2013, And Subsequently Converted It To “BIGAPPLE BUILDERS LTD” in 2020.

BIGAPPLE BUILDERS LTD. Works as a Development Partner Of Our Country. Our Company Working Land Development, New Building Construction, Steel Structure Factory Building, Roads, Bridge, Culvert, River Protection Work, Repair, Renovation With Ancillary Facilities. and Working Development Partner with DEW, FOOD, MUNICIPALITY, CITY CORPORATION, HANDLOOM, BEZA, BEPZA, LGED, EED, HED, RHD, BWDB, BIWTA, PWD, PDB, MES BGB, BMTF Etc.


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Project Planning & Estimation

Architectural Design

Civil Construction

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Project Management services

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Prime Locations

Highest Quality Materials

High-Grade Construction with proper committed

10 Years Of Success


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Construction projects have some unique features with a respect to other industrial projects. The construction industry is a unique industry with its own inherent complications that involve multiple stakeholders and agencies. Dependent on contractors and seasonal labor force it has multiple linkages with other industries. Productivity and safety hazards are peculiar to this industry.

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